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Hey there!

My name is Fosbat. I'm an experienced character artist based out of Alberta, Canada, and a graduate of the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in Game Art & Design, as well as a Bachelor’s of Design specializing in Character Design.

I’m quite friendly and approachable, should you require assistance with a commission or have a business related question, please reach out to me through Twitter or you can send me a message through the “Contact Me” form.

Thank you so much again for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your stay!  

Art Prices & Examples

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Starting At $40 USD


Starting At $50 USD


Starting At $75 USD


Starting At $100 USD

Custom Designs

Multiple Options, starting At $30 USD


Starting At $60 USD

Commission Order Forms

Commission openings are on Saturdays at 2:30pm MDT on my Twitter via post, this post will contain the form password. Openings alternate between "First Come First Serve" and 30 minute openings each weekend.

Please refer to my Terms of Service before ordering any commissions.
All prices are determined by complexity of the character or the design requests.



I’m a cartoon animal artist in general, but I can be fairly flexible! I also do environment art, 3D modelling and texturing, and concept art! Animal art is simply what I specialize in.

My work is strictly SFW.

Commission applications can be found in the Commission Order Forms section. Openings are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on commissioning type (Live2D...etc). Form passwords will be announced on my Twitter at the time of opening.

Yes! Simply send me a message on Twitter or use the Contact Us form.

Never requests. I will occasionally reach out to people to do art trades, but it is unlikely.

I use Clip Studio Paint and Procreate primarily for my 2D artwork! My commissions are done in Clip Studio Paint. 2D Vtuber commissions are done in Live2D

I appreciate any kind of support! If you’d like to follow me, I have a Twitter, DeviantArt, Twitch, and Tumblr account. You can also support me through Patreon and Ko-Fi

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