Headshot Icon 
A simple headshot of your character

$40 - $50 USD

A bust of your character. Can be lined or lineless.

$50 - $60 USD

Lined Fullbody
A fullbody drawing of your character. Shading costs extra. +$10 USD for shading.

$75 - $85 USD

Lineless Fullbody
A lineless fullbody drawing of your character.

$80 - $95 USD

A page of rough, coloured drawings of your character! Each page comes with x1 Fullbody, x3 Headshots, and x1 Prop!

$100 - $120 USD

On-base Custom
A custom design on my opossum base.
Line edits will carry an additional cost.

$35 - $40 USD

Off-Base Custom
A selection of custom designs

$30 - $100 USD

Bust illustration of your character and their name.
Can be digital, or printed out, laminated and sent to you.

$60 - $70 USD
+$20 Laminated & Shipped

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